Clarence Carter Boucher, Author, Visual Artist and Musician Yes I am blind in one eye. I don’t always wear the patch as it gets hot and uncomfortable.


Clarence Carter Boucher, Visual Artist, Author and Musician              

5933 Rahnavard Boulevard Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 ● telephone: 864-202-7561


I am a Master Teaching Artist working in the ARTS ACCESS SOUTH CAROLINA programs that provide inclusive art programs for people with disabilities. I am currently active on the South Carolina Arts Commission’s Artist Directory and the Virginia Commission for the Arts teaching artist roster. My video entitled “How to Engage Students on the Autistic Spectrum,” was a training video for the Palmetto State Arts Educators Association teacher training workshops. The South Carolina Arts Commission awarded me the Ad Astra per Aspera Commendation for exemplary performance as an artist in residence.

My personal work has been in numerous books and magazines including The New York Art Review, American Artist Magazine’s Annual Watercolor edition, Who’s Who in Art and About the Author. Richard C. Owen publishes my children’s books. I also have nonfiction, and books of satire available on My poetry has been published in numerous publications and anthologies. I won the International Golden poet award. My painting and/or other art works have won numerous awards and have been featured in national magazines and on both Public and Commercial Television programs.



Schiller College, Strasbourg, (set design and direction) France 1978

University of South Carolina, Columbia, B. A. in Art 1977




NASA, Panasonic, U.S. Army Corps. Of Engineers, War Veterans Home (Percent for the Arts), Anderson, S.C., C & S Bank, Dictaphone, Federal Landbank, NCR, Southern Bank Corp., Westinghouse, American Artist Magazine (Watercolor ’88) Marion County Museum and numerous Private Collections.


2023 Wingless Dreamer’s anthology Whispers of Spring published the poem, “The Ever-Persistent Morning Glory.”

2023 Quagmire Magazines, Cover runner up show, acrylic painting, “The All-Seeing Eye is Here.”

2023 Green Prints magazine, publishing essay, “From Hate to Love,” about gardening tomatoes.

2022 Antithesis Journal : Tender (“…published annually in association with the School of Culture and Communication at The University of Melbourne…”) publishing painting, “At the Edge of the Universe,” acrylic on paper, 22” w x 30” h

2022 Alchemy Literary Magazine, paintings published, “Brilliance,” (acrylic on canvas) 10” h x 10”w and “Buddies,” (acrylic on canvas) 10”h x 10” w

2022 Art of Possibilities, paintings accepted, “Blue Orbs with Spirals,” (oil on canvas), “Left Rectangle,” (Oil on panel), “Five and Soon More,” (acrylic on paper), “Pandemic Engulfment,” (oil on canvas).

2022 Poet’s Choice, publishing poem, “Grey is Beautiful.”

2021 Wingless Dreamer, publishing short non-fiction, “SUMMER I Love You…Please Go Away!”

2021 Nine Cloud Journal, publishing poem, “I Am Tempered Steel.”

2021 Apricity Magazine publishing my painting, “Two Black Circles.” 24” x 36” Oil on prepared board.

2021 Virtual 57th Annual Art of Possibilities juried exhibition, “Art of Possibilities,” two   paintings, “Three is Too Many,” 11” w x 14” h acrylic on canvas and my painting “Green and, “Yellow Collisions,” 8” w x 10” h acrylic on paper. Plus, a video interview.

2021 Dead Mule Southern Literary magazine publishing, Creative Non-Fiction, “A Fond Memory of Mother,” (Ironic).

2021 Montana Mouthful’s, “Out of This World,” issue publishing my painting, “Blue Orbs with Spirals.” 30” w x 24” h oil on canvas.

2021 Zoetic Press publishing my painting, “Creation is Destruction,” 24” w x 18” h oil on prepared board.

2021 45th Parallel, publishing two acrylic paintings, “The Quantum Field Cries for Peace,” 12’ wide x 8’ h acrylic on canvas and “We See You Contaminate Our Ecosystems,” 12’ wide x 8’ h acrylic on canvas.

2020 Detour Ahead website, featuring three Enigma paintings, “Green and Yellow Collisions,” 8” w x 10” h acrylic on paper “3 is too Many,” 11” w x 14” h acrylic on canvas, and “Sheltering in Place,” 30” w x 40” h acrylic on canvas.

2020 Art from the Heart, published in the hardback book my painting, “Jesse James, composer,” oil on prepared board

2020 LKMNDS poem and video reading, “Thank You ADA.”

2020 Hip Pocket Press published flash fiction, “Postcard to a Train Conductor.”

2020 New Southern Fugitives published painting, “Pandemic Engulfment,”

2020 Show Bears Family Circus publishing Creative Nonfiction, “No One told Me,”

2020 Poet’s Choice published poem, “The Perfect Night,” in the anthology, “For Expecting Mothers,”

2020 Virginia Beach Art Center, Sea of Change, “Pandemic Engulfment”

2020 Duluth Art Center, series of eight Enigmas paintings mostly acrylic on canvas

2020 Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, juried exhibition Art of Possibilities, “I AM,” oil on prepared board.  Minneapolis, MN *3rd Place Prize

2020 Amazon self-published how to book, “How to Become and Excel as an Artist in Residence.”

2020 Constellations, published poem, “A Love Letter to Covid-19.”

2020 Dick Blick, grant of materials, for workshops I taught at the SC Art Teachers Assoc.

SC Educators Association at their annual meeting.

2019 City Gallery of Charleston, Piccolo Spoleto Professional juried show, “Left Rectangle,” 24” h x 36” w, oil on canvas.