Clarence Carter Boucher


“Like one of my heroes  Gerhard Richter I produce both abstract and realistic artworks and like one of  my other hero Pablo Picasso I have often felt a Duende on my back guiding my hand.”

ART ACCESS SOUTH CAROLINA Master Teaching Artist  Carter Boucher is a Visual artist, Author and Musician . He studied art at ETSU where he was the first student to win the honors show  in three categories. At the University of South Carolina he  was chosen for the senior honors show. He also studied Set Design in Strasbourg , France with Louis Fantasia at Schiller College. His artwork is in many collections and has appeared in juried exhibitions, one man shows,  been  in national magazines such as New York Art Review and Watercolor ’88 (American Artist Magazine’s annual Watercolor edition> on Public Television and in many newspapers. Carter’s children’s books are published by Richard C. Owen. He has written adult non-fiction and satire which are available on Amazon.com. His poetry has been in numerous publications and anthologies. He won the international Golden Poet award and has been featured in Poems by the World’s Best Living Poets and About the Author.