C. Carter Boucher, Visual Artist, Author and Musician

1013 Anderson Drive, Williamston, SC 29697 ● telephone: 864-202-7561  

I am a master teaching artist working in the ARTS ACCESS SOUTH CAROLINA programs serving the disabled. I have been active on the South Carolina Arts Commissions Artist Roster (a juried roster of professional artists) since 1981. My residencies have included gifted and talented, general population as well as students with  special needs. 











  1. I quickly received a copy of your book from Amazon, Crazy Fun Thoughts. You left out some more refinements of Murphy’s Law. “Things will go wrong at the worse possible times” followed by “When you think things can get not get worse, you are wrong.” ending with the warning “Just because you did not step on any landmines today, do not think they were not out there waiting for you to step on them.”

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