I publish my paintings. Some people have asked me why I do this. It would be great if I could say that it is to accrue a vast fortune. Thus far it is not that at all; it is because many people who admire my work and would like to own one of the images I painted do not have the resources to buy or commission a painting. So this is my way of allowing those people who can afford $5 to $100 to participate in both enjoying my artwork and supporting me as a professional artist. If you enjoy my artwork and would like own an image I painted for less than the price of an original painting or would like to support me or spread the joy of my artwork with others by all means visit:


Buy for yourself or buy presents for others.

As to the effect of publishing on the value of the originals it is all positive. The Van Gogh you see selling for tens millions of dollars is in part so valuable because of having been reproduced and the effect that had on its fame and the public”s desire to see the original.

This is true of even limited edition prints. One reason the limited edition prints by greats such as Picasso, Miro and Rembrandt sell for so much is the fame they achieved by being reproduced in unlimited edition posters, post cards etc. and being widely distributed.