residency descriptions

Materials fee is in addition to my professional fee and accommodations. I provide the materials from bulk stock I keep.  Class times are the standard school periods and are generally one hour.


My most popular residency is one where the students write a poem, illustrate the poem and then either convert the poem to a song and perform it or write a group song. This residency is very good at getting students who don’t normally participate to take part.


SCREEN PRINTING Materials $100 (Serigraphy is the correct name for fine art screen printing)

MURALS Materials fee must be estimated based on the location, size and time availability of access etc..

MURAL Collage design. This is only for interior walls that are sheet rock. The advantage is that the participants can design and cut the images and I will do all the ladders work with direction from the participants as to placement of the designs. Typical costs would be $400 for a 100 foot wall that is 9 feet high.

PAPIER MACHE Materials $30  1-2 weeks (Mask and bowls are popular as are sculptures of animals.

DRAWING SEMINAR ONE DAY Materials $30 TO see a result that makes a good exhibit allow 5 one hour classes but the information can be transferred in one class.

WATERCOLOR (Aquarelle or Gouache)  Materials $100  1-2 weeks

CALLIGRAPHY Materials $50 Suitable for 5th grade and above.

Students will be exposed to Italic and pointed flexible pen alphabets.