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This is a traditional style oil painting on the right with a glow in the dark silk screen portrait on the left. I guess that makes this a mixed media painting. I also did a series of prints from the image on the left as just screen prints. The painting on the right was painted from a cell phone photo and was executed in one sitting of approximately 4 hours. The screen print was drawn on acetate with a sharpie and then developed as if it were a photo silk screen. I embellished it with a sharpie after printing. Jesse James the subject is an up and coming Musician/Composer/Conductor/Sound designer. His recent credits include conducting on Halo 2.



This is an oil on canvas 16′ x 20″. It is of my friend Charles Wentworth the science fiction writer.  This was painted from a cell phone photo I took in his study. It was painted on a whim and because of this I felt free to make up science fiction thought imagery in the background. This one was extra fun.  Click here to read more about Charles

This portrait of Lib is also an oil on panel 16′ x 20″ . it was painted live over multiple days mostly from life. At the very end Lib had a health problem and I finished from a photograph. Mostly what was left to finish was the blouse which I had only indicated with block color and minimal detail. It has been a long standing habit when working on portraits to shoot a photo as backup. If everything goes right I never look at it again after I verify that it is the pose selected. This habit has saved many a painting from having to be abandoned.


 This is an oil painting on panel 16″ x 20″. It was painted live over several sessions. Brian Craig shot this photo for me. I thought his idea of posing Joe in front of his portrait so that you coould see the subject and finished painting was brilliant. Thank you Brian! Joe was an excellent subject and was very accommodating. So thank you Joe.
Joe is, as the picture implies a fellow oil painter.

Diana oil on canvas 16" w x 20" h
Diana oil on canvas 16″ w x 20″ h SOLD

I painted this portrait from life. Diana changed her hair and glasses. I painted the glasses and the touch up of the left eye from the photograph.

"The Artist Daughter," 11" x 14" oil sketch on canvas. Collection of the artist
“The Artist Daughter,” 11″ x 14″ oil sketch on canvas. Collection of the artist
"The Artist's Father," Aquarellel watercolors on acid-free paper. Collection of the artist.
“The Artist’s Father,” Aquarelle watercolors on acid-free paper. Collection of the artist.

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